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Why Automated Tests ?

Most of the companies are testing softwares for any platform manually with huge teams. Let’s check why they should change this processes as automated tests. Reusable Automated test codes are mostly reusable without any change of code line. Especially for regression tests which is boring for most of the testing teams. Previous tests are just […]

What is Test Automation? Manual Testing vs. Automated Tests

There are two main resources used to test software; humans and computers. While each resource has its own advantages and disadvantages; both aim to improve the quality of the software. In this article I would like to tell you about the basic differences between manual testing and test automation. First of all, Manual Test is […]

We welcome the latest Augmented Reality Kit from Apple: ARKit!

I will briefly talk about Apple’s ARKit, considered the latest phase of virtual reality. Apple introduced the augmented reality program they worked on for some time at the WWDC. Craig Federighi, Apple’s VP of Software Engineering at conference, declared with the augmented reality developer kit (ARKit), developers can do many things from simple calculators to […]

Mobile-only banking…

Mobile technologies have evolved from pure communication handsets to tools that consumers use for banking, payments, shopping, entertainment and socializing. Their increasingly widespread use and their prevalence are changing the way that consumers access financial services, the way they make payments and make financial decisions in general. Turkey is in a privileged position to embrace […]