Congratulations on your new role, now you are a "Product Owner"

We have new roles and additional responsibilities as a result of changing the business or changing the way in which you work. As an example to myself, in the past I was working as a "Project Manager" and now I am working on the title "Product Owner".

Software Testing and Test Automation

Reviews are the greatest indication of the success of apps on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Interpretations and star counts are a measure of the total spent effort and the success/failure of the application. The reason for the majority…
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Mobile Application Development UX Guide #1

Mobven's motto can be summarized as making the mobile production process simpler.  That’s mean to use the energy for more creative design and brilliant ideas. Mobile applications that are designed to make life easier, should also be produced…

Automated Mobile Testing

I think it is imperative to write an article on the problems we have experienced while developing mobile applications and the solutions we have found for these problems. Process Developing a mobile application is somewhat different than…

Mobile Trend Predictions for 2017

Each new year's trend, is a small trail of a general axis transformation. If you can’t see the megatrends, it’s difficult to capture the opportunity and even understand what you find. Over the next 15 years, the 4 main trends, not only…

Importance of effective bug reporting

Why trying to fix a ‘poorly reported bug’ reminds me of House M.D. (yes, the TV show)?  For those who are not familiar with the popular TV show House MD, generally the plot goes like this: A patient showing bizarre symptoms is admitted…

What is going on 2016?

In 2012, when Mobven was founded, we were small but ambitious, we had lots of ideas but limited means to undertake them. So our focus was on gaining experience, making a name and a network for ourselves through our services while generating…

The PM Role is Dead, Long Live the PO

We all know what “Project Manager” (PM) is, at least we all use the word quite often when it comes to IT/business projects in general. Scrum framework[1] introduced us to a new term called “Product Owner” (PO).

Usability is Our Mission

This might be a good article for you to read if you have decided to work with an UX team to update your designs. First, you need to be prepared to what you will expected to deliver. It might sound weird at first that you