Mobile Application Development UX Guide #1

Mobven’s motto can be summarized as making the mobile production process simpler.  That’s mean to use the energy for more creative design and brilliant ideas.

Mobile applications that are designed to make life easier, should also be produced easily.

As Mobven Studio, we enjoy being transformed into a team that constantly thinks about it. We know that the future will be shaped by those who think like us and we are fully in.

One of the biggest problems in today’s mobile application production processes is high costs. In this article we will describe the methods we use to reduce costs in our system.

The Studio team plans the design together with the customer. The customer is not supporting the process but directly the spine. From the phase of the initial idea and persona of the application to the production, design and prototyping of the mockup, it is incorporated into the process at every stage and  the best solution will be achieved with the help of workshops and user tests.

Completion of the entire design will force the customer to have full coverage. Since the customer can only evaluate the overall concept, the most important functions and details could be ignored. Development will begin without understanding the fluency of use and positive-negative path experiences.

As we have seen in this type of design process, customers will always come out with forgotten, skipped features. As all of  the units see the whole design first, they  will critisize the design and produce lots of new ideas.  Unfortunately many of the other units see the designs after the software phase; so increased problems and  uncertain cost will be inevitable.

At the beginning of the work, when the designer will go all the relevant departments, investigate the technological subdivision, and eventually reach a design agreed upon by everyone, it  will be ensured that the software process proceeds in straight. The most important factor affecting cost in application software proposals is the fear that, companies can not master the content exactly and there can be a lot of changes and possible reproductions.

The greatest cost  is fixing applications that were not fully thought of beforehand, or doing it again because it was unsuccessful. The motivation of the software producers that receives too much feedback will be reduced, the quality will remain the second plenary.

Software is the main cost factor in mobile applications. The Studio team is aware of this.; thinks analytically and directs energy to new ideas and usability.

By reviewing Mobven Studio’s UX Methods, you can see application production problems and find out our solutions.

Emre Balkanlı
Head of UX

Usability is Our Mission

This might be a good article for you to read if you have decided to work with an UX team to update your designs.

First, you need to be prepared to what you will expected to deliver. It might sound weird at first that you, the client, would have something to deliver to them, the agency doing the work, but you need to do that first for them to deliver something worthwhile at the end. You will be battered with questions that will need to be answered and be ready to have strong arguments because there will be some serious poking around. The hardest part is that you might be subjected to unusual suggestions that might require some bold decisions. Just be ready for anything!

Make sure that you have a clear objective before deciding on a team. You should base your requests on data and analysis otherwise there is no use for a UX team. Changing the design of your website just because it doesn’t “seem” modern or stylish might damage your reputation as a serious player or lead you to remove some content that was critical to your web traffic.

You will notice that just the questions they ask while they go through your data, will make an impact on how you look at things and what you have been doing right or wrong will become obvious. They will determine your position in the marketplace, do a benchmark, talk to your customers and make you see how you are perceived. Just be ready to take it all in: you might not like what you see at first but you are in this to make it better right?

a UX project will introduce you to the higher league in the digital world and enable you to deliver a user centered experience

UX teams don’t lose their motivation by the difficulty of the project or how far away it is from general design principles; in fact, they will be even more motivated because they will be able to measure the results afterwards. So the more problematic the project, the better will be the improvement.

Working with a UX team will require a lot of effort from your teams as well as unexpected costs: when you thought that this would be a simple design update, it will be clear that you need some backend development for some parts, integrate analytics tools and subscriptions to some systems in order to optimize everything. It won’t be easy to adapt to these changes, learn how to track, analyze and manage your different channels but they will be there to help.

In fact, a UX project will introduce you to the higher league in the digital world and enable you to deliver a user centered experience. Unfortunately, once you tasted the delight of seeing the results and reactions to your actions, you will feel the urge to take on all the extra work that requires.

If you read until here, it means that we couldn’t scare you off about the challenges of a UX project which means that you are ready to become a customer centric company and the more your customers are happy about your products & services, the more they will be ready to spend on them.


Emre Balkanlı
UX Designer