Great Features & Benefits

Screenshot Annotations

Take notes and mark mistakes with colorful markers. Multiscreenhot feature takes screenshots from every step leading to the bug.

Environment Details

Bug reports automatically include user steps, battery life, network connectivity and all device info that matters, so you can focus on fixing rather than reproducing a bug.

Activate it with a shake

To report a bug, activate Capture with tapping on the Capture icon or simply shake the phone.

Console Logs

Capture automatically records your app's console logs and crash logs.Capture automatically records your app's console logs and crash logs.


Submit a bug report from your phone, and it immediately shows up in your favorite issue tracker. It currently supports these programs at the right side, but more is on the way.

Why Capture?

Capture offers you various benefits includes

Taking a screenshot, recovering the screenshot from the device and adding it to a project management tool takes a lot of effort and time. Capture offers the possibility to make all this process in a simple and flawless way.

A simple improvement can make a huge difference in your overall project effort. With Capture you will finish your project in shorter time without struggle.

Be a model company in your industry with your remerkable test process.


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