What is going on 2016?

In 2012, when Mobven was founded, we were small but ambitious, we had lots of ideas but limited means to undertake them. So our focus was on gaining experience, making a name and a network for ourselves through our services while generating cash to fund our products.

This focus paid out: our projects got bigger and bigger while we added one prestigious brand after another to our portfolio. The signing of Turkish Airlines’ flagship app was a turning point for Mobven: this deal gave us the room we needed to focus on our products.

Our first product, HesapAl, which we launched in 2014 thought us a lot both in terms of product development and go to market strategies. We decided to focus on B2B2C products with strong partnerships instead of B2C products. We also chose two main product categories to specialize in: fintech & mobile testing.

Fintech is a crowded space with all sorts of startups, banks and other financial institutions that are competing. At Mobven we decided to make partnerships and/or develop products for established players. Our mPayment solution in partnership with Ingenico and mSaving app with ING Bank are good examples to this approach. A third product intended to revolutionize payments for big ticket items with the same approach is in the works as well.

Mobile testing is a product line born out of our own needs. We didn’t find any satisfying products on the market meeting our requirements and decided to develop our own. We were so happy with the results that we decided to commercialize them under two names: Capture & Momentum. Capture is focused on simplifying manual testing whereas Momentum is a tool to automate mobile testing. Both offer tremendous advantages to any organization taking mobile development seriously.

The first half of the year will be focused on finalization and beta testing and the second half on sales & distribution. We are really excited to finally roll out a wide range of products on which we have been working for some time now. I am looking forward to give you an update how things are advancing in the second half of the year. Keep tuned in for news.