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Ensure Quality Through Code-Build-Release-Feedback

Improved Customer Experience

Boosted Brand Value

Personalized Communication

Predicted Customer Loyaly

Code Quality Is Critical For
Scalable Bug Free Apps

Flawless Quality

Enables code quality check
Blocks the distribution of below standard unit test coverage

Without A Hitch

Integrates flawlessly with Momentum Solution Can be integrated to any other automation tool on demand


Takes the relay from the developer as soon as she finishes coding Tests, checks and distributes automatically

Code quality is critical for scalable bug free apps. Building the app, sending it to test automation systems and collecting the results can be time consuming.

  • Code quality under risk of being sacrificed at the expense of deadlines: Style, bad practice & bug checks are necessary as well as unit test control.

  • Becomes a much bigger problem if not dealt with as the code is being written

  • Discipline is needed to maintain a high standard

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