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Momentum Remote Device

Manuel Testing Tool With Real Devices Over The Internet

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Capture Test Steps

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Easy Log Access

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Remote Hub

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Remote Debugger

Build A Test Lab Instantly
For All Your Teams

Anytime, anywhere with just one click you will get a full-feature test device farm full
of real devices at your control on cloud.

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MacBook Pro

Test With Real Devices
Remotely Over The Internet
Just With A Browser

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Capture test steps, screenshots and videos to enrich your test data.

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Log Access

Easy access to device logs, crash logs, network activities (HAR files).

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Remote Hub For
Test Automation

It is a new concept introduced by Momentum team to run tests in remote devices by
executing the tests across different OS, different browsers and different machines.

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Remote Hub For
Test Automation

You can connect to your remote devices and debug them locally, as if they were connected directly to your computer. To connect to remote devices, chose the Connect button. This creates SSH tunnel to the Remote Device instance that hosts your devices, and yo can now use them locally using your preferred debugging tools. You will lose any local device connections that you already had.

Now the devices visible to your IDE (for example Android Studio or Xcode) and other tools (such as ADB for Android and Instruments for iOS).

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